Social media is a digital tool that helps us to communicate with other people. It is also one of the ways to share something with the public. There are about 3 types of social media such as social networks, media networks, and discussion networks. Many of us familiar with the social network because we always use it in our daily life like Facebook and Twitter. Do you know that LinkedIn also one of the social network types in social media? It is because LinkedIn is a professional social media that connect people that focus on professional networking and career development. Now let’s take a look at the top social media app that Malaysian always use but if you are thinking to get best mobile app development companies Malaysia here try to search it on google because there are many companies that will interest to build social media apps. 

  1. Facebook

The first social media app that Malaysian always use is Facebook. There are about 23 million users in Malaysia for 2019 according to Statista. On Facebook, you can know your friend’s birthday because Facebook will always remind you about their birthday. There also news that always been shared on Facebook especially in Malaysia Facebook in the main place for people to socialize. If you have a crush on someone and want to see their day or anything on their profile you really can do so because Facebook or any third party can track the view so feel free to monitor your crush on Facebook. 

  1. Twitter

This is social media that is quite famous among teenagers. On Twitter, there is a limited word that they can use for each post and that makes teenagers love that because they want to read a simple and direct post but can easily understand once they read it, unlike Facebook that has more words and sometimes people post like essay and sometimes it doesn’t have any point at all or difficult to understand. Twitter also can connect you to people easily because it is more open than Facebook and LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the top social media in Malaysia because the main reason for LinkedIn is to connect people in professional ways and for career development. This social media also one of the ways for the recruiter to find someone who interests to join their company or looking for a job. If you are looking for a job it is perfect for you to sign up be one of the LinkedIn members now but do not forget to always update the profile and please don’t make your account seem bored or inactive because it will be one of the reasons that the recruiter to hire you or not. 

That all the 3 main social media app that usually use by Malaysians. It also kind of famous among Malaysian and if you thinking to build an app like this why not get best mobile app development companies Malaysia here. There are many companies that interest to help you and will offer the best price. 

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