Besides its benefits, social media also have a bad side that it has. As we can see, many people spend most of their time on social media and they can not leave it even for a while. This means that they have attached to social media. If you spend too much time on social media, it can be a harm to us. The bad effects of social media can affect our mental as well as our physical. Let’s take a look at the example of the bad effects that social media have. 

  1. Anxiety and depression problem

Spending too much time on social media may affect you emotionally. Research has found out that most of the social media users that spend most of their time on social media are most likely to have emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. This problem happens due to several factors such as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying usually happens in a chat room where there are a group of people who will cyberbully a certain person in the group just for fun. This will affects them emotionally and it will end up in suicide. That is how dangerous cyberbully is. Other than that, it also will cause someone to having insecurity. It is because, in social media, there will be a lot of people that will share about their lifestyle or the photos of them that looks really beautiful. Then someone who comes across their post will compare it to themselves and they will have insecurities about it. This will make their self-esteem become down and they can lose their confidence. In the end, they will feel sad throughout the day. 

  1. Having sleep problems

People who love to scroll to social media all day might have a sleep problem. As we all know, many people will scroll through their social media before they go to bed. This is bad because your eyes will look at a bright screen. Having a bright light before sleep will disturb your sleep. If your sleep pattern is disturbed, it will affect your mood and your body. Your mood might be bad throughout the next day and your body might feel exhausted and not active. Because of this, it will bother you to become productive in your work. 

  1. May cause addiction

Social media also can cause addiction. This means that you have the feeling that you can not leave your social media even for a while. You will open your social media without you even think of it every time. Other than that, you also feel empty and bored if you did not open your social media even for one day. Have ever thought to not open your social media for one day? If not, then you might have an addiction to social media. 
In conclusion, social media can bring bad effects to us. It is up to us to choose whether to use social media for good or bad purposes. It is better if we use social media for good such as online business, social media marketing, and many more. You might get nominated for social media awards malaysia. Other than that, you can check out to top 10 digital marketing agencies malaysia or the top 3 web design marketing companies malaysia.

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