As a woman, our body is our temple and we need to do our absolute best at taking care of it physically, emotionally, and also spiritually. And one of the best ways to take care of our body is to know how to pleasure ourselves. In our society sex is a very taboo subject to be discussed, but it’s actually time for us to talk about this. And how women’s pleasure is seen as something to be shameful and talk in silence. Let’s move forward and say goodbye to that mindset and start a new mindset where women can learn and appreciate their bodies by know how to pleasure themselves. 

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Here are some tips that you need to know on how to pleasure yourself. 

Learn About Yourself 

Everything begins with us women knowing ourselves. Before we do anything, we need to know about ourselves and what do we need and want. Know about your fantasies, what turns you on, what do you want to try, and more. There is nothing wrong with knowing yourself and understanding your sexual needs, instead, it is something that every woman should slowly start to explore.


Sometimes, a traumatic event happens in our life and they scared us for a moment. Everyone’s trauma is different it can be a big traumatizing event or it can be something small that traumatized us. It doesn’t matter how big or small the trauma was, all we need to do is acknowledge our trauma and try our best to overcome it. The trauma can include any sexual partner that we had or anything that happened to us, that make us scared about sex. Nevertheless, the journey needs to start by us recognizing and acknowledging the trauma, only then we are able to move forward. 

Try Something New 

Nowadays there are many materials that can help to boost up our sexual desire. If you are interested you can start by exploring all of these things like vibrators. There is no shame in using any of these sex toys, in fact, it actually will help us to enjoy ourselves more. If you feel shy to go out and buy these toys publicly, you can buy the best vibrator online in Malaysia. They will personally send it straight to your home, and you can enjoy yourself with these. 

Practice, practice, and more practice 

Everything does not happen exactly we want for the first time. That is why we need to practice and try something new to find out what suits our taste the best. And this also applies to pleasuring yourself. At first, it might be awkward and you will feel like you don’t know what you are doing. By with time and a lot of practice you will reach there and know what pleasure you the best. 

Enjoy Yourself 

This is the whole purpose of all of these. It is to enjoy yourself and explore your body. Don’t feel pressured to do anything that you are not comfortable with and just do whatever you feel like doing. Find what suits you the best and what pleases you the most.