Turning off your lights is not the only thing that is important to your sustainability journey. There are so many things we can do that is beyond the small actions in our home. The bigger actions start with changing the equipment, appliances, and furnishing of our house to be so much more eco-friendly. 

Does your gutter also play a role in your sustainability journey? In the same way, your roof is essential in creating a sustainable life, your gutter is also important. Being sustainable is not about buying the most expensive eco-friendly material out there. It is also not about keeping an organic waste can outside and calling it a day. It is about learning how to take care of your home in a manner that helps it last longer, reduces waste, and does not contribute to the worsening and drastic effects of climate change. Today we are grappling with both chaotic effects and crises. That is the pandemic and climate change. While we cannot do much for the pandemic except stay home, there is so much we can do in our home to battle climate change. 

gutter bumbung

Sometimes taking care of our gutters does not come across as an act that will help reduce the negative environmental impact. But in reality. The way we clean, take care, and replace our gutters make a huge difference to the environment. Let’s talk about making your gutter bumbung part of your eco-friendly journey. 

Clogged Gutters Equals Higher Energy Consumption 

How do your clogged gutters have any relation to how much you are saving or wasting energy? The truth is a clogged gutter can cause a massive change in your energy bill and have an even worse effect on the environment. When ice or rain starts seeping in because of the clogged gutter you are forced to use your heaters even more and use up the electrical appliances that cost both your wallet and the environment. Keeping your gutters clean and unclogged also reduces the need for replacement. Hence you are ensuring sustainability when you improve its durability and utilize it well within the product life cycle. 

Use Proper Materials 

Energy-efficient materials or recycled materials are half the answer to our solution when it comes to being environmentally friendly. It is impossible to be environmentally friendly when we have to use less green materials such as PVC. PVC is easily damaged, brittle, and needs frequent replacement, unlike a good quality material. The short life cycle contributes to an increased amount of waste that is accumulated in our landfills and our oceans. Most of the time such materials are nonbiodegradable and they often become a nuisance and hazard to our environment. 

Keeping your gutters clean on a regular basis is the easiest way to remain environmentally friendly. This way you are ensuring its longevity and utilization in the long run. A properly taken care of gutter is much more important one imagines. Even if it may seem so simple, it makes a significant difference in the environment. Make sure to keep your gutters clean for a cleaner environment.