The internet. A wonderful space that has allowed us easier communication and easier access to information. However, this can serve to be a good thing as well as be a negative thing. There are pros and cons to the internet, especially when it comes to data saving and sharing. The internet is filled with malicious people, bots and viruses. Data is always at risk of being stolen, misplaced or released to the public. With the appropriate SAP consulting Malaysia you can have your data saved in the right places and have the safest possible measures in place to protect your information. the ability to distinguish these for yourself may provide some comfort to you.

Pros of Saving Data Online

–       You don’t have to continue putting in your information. When you visit a banking site or a shopping site that requires card details, because your data is saved, you spend less time making online purchases. This also allows you to carry around less money or cards when you go out because your details are automatically filled in the relevant spaces. It makes it easier to use applications for the different services you often use.

–       It is optional. The option of putting in your details also means you have the option of removing them whenever you find it necessary. It is up to you what you do with your information and what risks you are willing to put it through. 

–       It links everything together. This is one of the best points for saving data online. It links everything together for easy access and easy retrieval. 

–       There are security measures in place to prevent identity theft, tampering or viral corruption to your devices. Sites are often very secure and have certain measures in place to prevent theft of your identity including passwords or some identification. 

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Cons of Saving Data Online

–       Cyber threats have increased over the years, with some experts placing numbers in the hundreds. All information is at risk of being stolen or hacked, regardless of how well it is kept.

–       If one application is in danger, all of them are. Forgetting your email account password can jeopardise every application you have if you do not save your data properly. Similarly, if everything is accessible from one point it makes it easier for an identity thief to steal more than just email information. It gives them access to your social media, your business details, banking applications and many other personal data platforms. 

–       According to the terms and conditions of certain applications and platforms, they are not responsible for the loss of your details. While they can help you as best they can to retrieve it, they are not responsible and therefore, you bear the loss alone.