The question of sustainability never leaves the table, even if it is a lockdown. In fact with the pandemic causing more chaos than ever has increased the hotness of the question.

What does it mean to be sustainable? 

Sustainability means sustaining something and supporting it. In this case, we are talking about environmental sustainability. How do environmentally sustainable measures go around in our everyday life? It involves a lot of conscious effort to make sure we provide no harm to our surroundings. It is about sustaining the life around us and protecting nature. Our actions whether they be at home or out in the playground, should not compromise life in the coming generations. 

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As much as we would like to believe that we have unlimited resources in our reserves and environment, this is far from the truth. Things run out and technological advances have made it seem like the resources only belong to us. The finite number of resources available is for every animal, plant, and human. Without one, the other ceases to exist. Imagine living in a world where animals are extinct or plants are dead. No amount of rush to the digital race will sustain a world without plants. 

So the importance of sustainability does not get away just because we are lockdown. During the first months of the pandemic, world researchers and environmentalists have talked about how the lack of human activity and the disruption to major functions have caused the revival of natural habitats. This goes to show that our actions do matter in the survival of the human race. Now, let’s discuss how we can remain sustainable even during lockdown!

Buying Only What You Need

This lockdown has begun a series of hoarding and stocking up for many households. But it also began a series of excessive wastage and buying unsustainably. We buy an excessive amount of food, groceries, clothes, and even face masks from both stores and online platforms. We have started to rely on online shopping and the frequency of plastic use may have started to increase as a means of convenience. It is important to stick to the essentials such as Dr.Clo Covid 19, sanitizers, and planned quantity of food to minimize the wastage we create. 

Switching To A Renewable Source Of Energy 

In the pandemic, we have been spending a lot of time in the comforts of our homes. This means more energy being consumed and increased energy costs by the end of the month. The implication is not only on the bill but also on our environment. Even though the air is cleaners because of decreased vehicles, we are still liable for using up non enable sources of energy and releasing harmful gases. With so much time being spent at home, it is important that we think about switching up to an energy source like solar power. 

If solar-powered panels are not in our budget and radar, we can compensate as we use more eco-friendly tools and switch off power when we dont use something. We can also take an interest in plants and gardening in our homes to improve our sustainability practices.