There is a science behind every phenomenon of the world. But mastering any science requires of a person to be adept enough in dealing with it. Hence, many a times, things become confusing as to what a science or an art is. To unlock the jigsaw puzzle, we must understand, at the very outset as to what a science itself is. The experts in science believe that any knowledge that come from a careful examination and validation of facts through experimentation, data collection, comparing and contrasting possibilities and so on to leave no space for err. Whereas an art means to be adept in dealing with certain matters, methods, rules, and regulation. Now when we apply the above definitions to the scuba diving, we definitely come to a conclusion that yes scuba diving is both a mixture of a science as well as art. It is because there always a science to it when one dives in the water, wears particularly designed costumes, picks up an oxygen cylinder and swims in a way that is least disturbing and stays calm in the water.

There are definitely hundreds of books written on the ways and methods of scuba diving and there are trainers who teach the science of scuba diving before one gets deep down into the water. However, when there one learns all these theoretical things of the science, one has to take the practical plunge into the water so that he could learn the skills of swimming, moving hands and legs the way they should be move in water, breathing through an oxygen cylinder and above all staying calm and balanced inside water. One might panic in the water at the very sight of certain marine animals and no science can teach him how to stay calm. All what is required for staying calm is to have the very art of staying balanced and calm within the deep waters. And this only comes through practical knowledge and experience. Therefore, we may conclude that there is always a science as well as an art to every knowledge, skill and hobby. You can try diving course malaysia out there.

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