Post Pandemic: Why Work From Home Is Important Even Then?

Work from home is here to stay. But it also seems like the pandemic is as well. There is a long way to go before we can ever get out of the pandemic life. And that also means work from home life. Many have been enjoying the privileges of staying home while others are dying to go back as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Unfortunately, th moment they are lifted, the waves come back and we are back in another round of a lockdown. 

We have been going in a circle for the past year and this has grown a lot in our reflections. There are few things we have learned over the past year. One, we have gotten extremely used to the life of work from home. This is second nature to us. We have now a set routine of how we divide work and our personal life from the comfort of our home. Second, productivity is better when there is an office environment. 

On one hand, we cannot resist the comfort and convenience of our home when it comes to working but on the other hand, our productivity is taking a hit with work from home. However, this hit may not be as significant as we may be thinking. People tend to work just as well when they are motivated. The location and environment do matter but the underlying fuel to productivity includes our motivation to learn and improve. As companies began to accommodate better to remote workers with data backup services Malaysia, productivity tools, and management aids, people became better at adapting to work from home life. It also seems like this life may stay in our life even once the pandemic is over. 

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Currently, we are seeing a slow change to the post-pandemic life. In post-pandemic life, people are not ready to let go of work from home life. Many companies are taking initiative to include flexibility in their working hours and location. This means more and more people are allowed to take work from home hours given they fill a quota of work in the office hours. Some are even planning to abolish the five days in the office rule to 3-4 days. In some parts of the world, bosses are contemplating letting people come into the office on alternative days. 

There are so many reasons why work from home works better when mixed with an office environment. The independence we experience and the lessened stress of the commute and social aspects makes our work feel much more meaningful. It is not only workers who find the benefits of working on remote hours and days. Companies are finding the many perks of shifting to a remote environment as they discover the diversity of the world. They are able to hire creative minds from all over the world which has a direct impact on the overall growth of the company. Their opportunity to grow globally knows no bounds as more and more people reach out for remote work.