A person’s reputation in the “real world” spreads door to door and word of mouth. Today, e-reputation on the Internet is also being built very quickly from everything that circulates online. The vectors of online reputation are more and more numerous and varied:

Search engines: Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, whose positioning on the first page of results indicates the degree of notoriety of a person or a brand: in this regard, we speak of “pages of notoriety ”. But to manage your e-reputation, it is advisable to focus on Google results. More than 91% of French people use this search engine and 3.3 billion Google requests are made every day around the world. This supremacy of Google forces brands or people to pay attention to the contents of its first pages. 67% of clicks are made on the first five results. To manage your e-reputation, it is essential to pay attention to the top 5 Google.

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Social networks: companies, even more than individuals, are now present on social networks through community management, in order to attract prospects or build customer loyalty by creating content or organizing events. It is thus for them to maintain a permanent communication and a close relation with their customers thanks to their accounts. Unlike the search engine, where content can remain visible for several years, social network publications disappear more easily and are in some ways “ephemeral”.

Professional networks like LinkedIn which works on the principle of connection, networking and communication. They are a good tool for enhancing your e-reputation with Internet users. Unifi Broadband is a secured Internet package that you can go for.

Blogs and forums: free discussions around a person, a brand or a purchasing experience increasingly contribute to making future customers adhere to the power of sympathy of a personality, to the values of a
company, to the quality of a product. They can also make them reject a personality, a product, or a brand. For business leaders, it is therefore necessary to know the discussions that take place about their business
on these forums and to learn to master them in order to better manage their image.