Info and Rules on Divines Combined Server

Divines of the East both server Legends and Immortals is now combined and open!

Combined servers Legends and Immortals rules:

1.        Combined the two servers to achieve data interoperability, players can login in-game according to their corresponding server.

2.        Upon combining servers, everything shall remain the same, original role, equipments, experiences, gold, VIP level and all the game data will have no changes.

3.        All characters created on multiple servers, will be fully preserved. But for some characters will be deleted from database accordingly.

 Character deletion:

                                 I.            Character level <= 30;

                                II.            Gold = 0;

                              III.            Number of days NOT logged into Game >= 30 days.

When these three conditions are met, the character information will be deleted, but does not affect the login account.

4.        Combining the servers will recalculate all the leader boards.