Divines of the East, Chapter Three: Demons. 12pm 27 September 2013

Divines of the East Chapter Three: Demons will be officially launched on the 27th of September 2013, 12PM (GMT+9).

Come and join the Dark Side, to take over the Divine world of the East! 

Or fight against the Demons, by joining forces with the Immortals to protect the Divine world of the East!

Your decision will affect the course of history!! 

Game Introduction:

Divines of the East is a free to play 2D online browser game. Players are thrown into an ancient era filled with unique and legendary creatures from Chinese and Japanese mythology. Being hunted by the gods above and hated by the creatures below, you must forge friendships and call upon the power of mystical creatures to help save the troubled land. Featuring ancient beasts, spirits, and monstrosities never seen before, be prepared to enter a whole new world of Eastern mythology! Enjoy a taste of magic from the Orient.

Game Features:

  • Unique hand-drawn art style featuring Eastern-themed creatures and locations
  • Delve straight into the unique world of Eastern mythology, filled with strange and powerful creatures
  • Tons of clan features (Territory battles, ANBU, craft masters, buildings, quests, more)
  • Arena, PvP events, and Daily Faction Wars (Immortal VS Demon – who will you fight for?)