Combined servers Event

Combined Server Thanksgiving Event

[Event Period]  3 days upon combining servers

[Event Rules]  During the event period, players that login everyday can redeem from the Compensation Envoy 1 “Divines Thanksgiving Pack”

                      Pack may be redeemed repeatedly for a total of 3 packs.

Pro     Prove your strength, the Strongest Ranked Competition

[Event Period]      7 days upon combining servers

[Event Rules]       During the event period, combat power and underground arena top 10 players after the event, will get the corresponding reward

1.       Oh my Shennong Eggs!

[Event Period]     3 days upon combining servers

[Event Rules]       During the event period, breaking a certain number of Shennong Eggs will be able to redeem free Shennong Golden Hammer

1.       Wheel of Fortune

[Event Period]    3 days

[Gold]        25 Gold

 [Details]: Look forward for the next upcoming [Wheel] TWO days later! New surprises await you! Don’t miss this opportunity! Take this opportunity to strengthen yourselves! Stand a chance to get powerful Gold equipments, rare items, and many more!!