Blogging is the art of writing, creating content, and engaging with valuable information for an audience in an online medium. We blog on a lot of different websites and places. And there are no niche or general topic that is not blogged about on the internet. Every day millions of articles and blogs are released by bloggers from all over the world. And they have more than a million things to say about some very fascinating subjects. 

On today’s topics of blogging, we are going to talk about blogging for plumbers. Who would have thought we could potentially make a living out of plumbing blogs, much less find an online audience who will read about pp-r fittings, plumbing techniques, and plumbing systems? Well fortunately for all the plumbers around the world who are now locked in their homes during this pandemic, look no further than this guide to get you started on your blog. 

So what do you need for blogging? Do you need fancy equipment and the latest technology? Or do you simply need a basic internet connection and a flair for writing? If you have got a lot of information and wisdom to share, it is about time you start pulling them together and create some meaningful blogs. Here are some things you should know about blogging to get you started! 

Get On The Technical Side Of Blogging

Blogging is not all about writing, curating, and reading. It is also about what we do to get the information published on the internet and maximizing its visibility and exposure on the search engine. The only way to get your blog ranking on the first page of Google is by learning about SEO, search engine optimization, and several SEO techniques. 

Having a cool domain name and a fantastic website is only the beginning of your blogging journey. The harder part of it is to get the exposure your blog deserves. And for this, we need SEO. Some common SEO practices include keyword researching, image optimization, creating high-quality content, optimizing the URL, and including keywords in your meta description. The practices and their effects are dependent on the google algorithm and what counts to improve your page ranking. 

Eye-Catching Title And Content

How worthy is your content? Does your content have an equally eye-catching headline to accommodate it? Readers often do not read online. They skim. Majority of the time all we do is skim through the blog. As much as we would like to believe that people read even the most interesting of articles, they usually dont. They read what grabs their attention. And it is our job to make skimming easier for people with high-quality content. Your high-quality content dos do not have to be long like a college essay. It has to be properly distributed into catchy subheadings, be informative, short, and accompanied with a title that makes someone jump to the article. 

And what about an article that makes someone jump towards it? This is something clearly subjective but it is not that hard to figure out. People click on articles with headlines that look like they will solve their problems. Do your headline and title tag look valuable to your readers? 

More importantly, is your content worth the time of your consumer and readers?